Walking without a clear vision is like groping in the dark. When employees are not aware or do not fully understand organization’s goals and purpose, it would not be possible for them to develop a personal affiliation with the company. This lack of engagement between employees and the company can lead to sub-standard performance and output. Having a clearly articulated vision and a mission fully owned by everyone is therefore a must for any organization to succeed.

Benchmark’s three-day Visioning Program involves the top management and senior leaders in the crafting of the company vision, mission and core values based on commonly-held aspirations, principles and beliefs. Conceptual inputs, team building exercises and intensive workshop activities are conducted before the actual vision crafting process. The final output of the program are a clearly-defined, collectively-desired vision and mission statement, as well as a comprehensive deployment plan to ensure that everyone is committed to the realization of organization goals. The program emphasizes on the essential roles and contribution of each one in propelling the organization forward.

Benchmark Consulting is the premier authority in coaching, training and leadership development.

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