Multiculturalism in the workplace is an effect of globalization and easier human mobility. Now you find people of different races and cultural backgrounds within the organization, all striving for professional and personal growth.

Benchmark designed a Multi-Cultural Awareness Workshop to help clients maximize and leverage on cultural diversity in the workplace. This two-day experiential program aims to help participants discover the power and potential of multiculturalism. It tackles concepts that will enable them to appreciate, embrace and transcend individual differences so they can learn from each other, perform their best and efficiently work together toward success.

With culturally diverse yet unified teams, your organization can greatly benefit from a synergy of creative ideas and expertise.

To sustain the gains of the workshop, Benchmark provides 5- to 10-hour one-on-one coaching support to select participants and conducts follow-through sessions and other reinforcement activities.

Benchmark Consulting is the premier authority in coaching, training and leadership development.

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