Professional Coach

Lynne has just successfully completed her formal training program on Professional Coaching. Even before, many have noticed her positivity, her engaging manner and ease in emotionally connecting with people. After recently retiring from her corporate career, Lynne knew, without the slightest doubt, that her next career move will be in coaching where she is now eager to help create a positive change, one coachee at a time.

Lynne has spent fulfilling and rewarding years of her sales and marketing career with multinational companies that are widely recognized as industry leaders.

Fresh from college, she joined Wyeth-Suaco where she spent the first 11 years of her fast-paced corporate career. She started in Sales and took on increasing responsibilities over the years until she became the Head of the Product Management team. She launched Bonamil, a growing up milk formula. In 2019, the brand celebrated its 25th year in the market, where she was invited as one of the keynote speakers.

Lynne spent the last 19 years with the beverage leader, The Coca-Cola Company, where she led portfolio management for the Tea and Bottled Water Categories. Lynne developed and launched two iced tea brands, Real Leaf and Earth & Sky, the latter winning for her the most coveted President’s Cup in recognition of its early success in the market. Later into her stint with Coke, she took on the role of Customer Marketing and Business Development for the company’s biggest and most strategic business partner, Jollibee Food Corporation.

Lynne has had the opportunity of attending various local and international training programs, the last of which was a 6-month, international leadership training program that included learning modules from the Harvard Business Group.

Lynne describes all the years that she had spent in Sales, Marketing and Business Development as nothing less than enriching.

Coaching is close to her heart and is a natural calling she responded to. Her extensive experience in the corporate world is something that individuals, career and executive clients can fully leverage.

Lynne has a BS Degree in Economics from the University of Santo Tomas. She is happily married for 32 years and they are blessed with two children, a doctor and a professional photographer.

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