The success of any company largely depends on the ability of its leaders to recognize, enhance, leverage and synergize individual and team strengths. The faster individuals and teams move to a seamless collaboration, the chances of achieving peak business performance become higher.

Are your leaders equipped to create synergy in their respective teams? Are they competent enough to build and develop their teams into becoming the key drivers of organizational success?

For more than a decade handling and facilitating team development and leadership training programs, Benchmark is a witness to sad corporate realities such as the following:

a. Numerous managers and supervisors are promoted primarily because of their technical competence. People skills are oftentimes considered secondary in the criteria. The ability to build a team is not even a “must” criterion.

b. Why teams get stuck is always a function of leadership. Blaming, sub-grouping, disengagement, destructive conflicts and other counter-productive behaviors exist in a team because of the inability of the leader to manage them.

c. Most leaders lack skills in dealing with diversity and resolving conflicts in their teams.

d. Most leaders do not have the capacity to sustain positive behavioural shifts achieved in a teambuilding intervention. They rely heavily on HR and external consultants to do it for them.

How To Build A Peak Performing Team for Line Leaders is Benchmark’s response to this growing concern. Attending this workshop enables the leaders to:

  • Clearly define their specific leadership functions in building and developing a team
  • Assess the dynamics of a team using varied frameworks and tools
  • Turn diversity into a strength
  • Accelerate the development of their respective teams from membership to synergy (from forming to performing)
  • Manage and resolve conflicts among team members and other conflict situations in the team

Benchmark Consulting is the premier authority in coaching, training and leadership development.

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