Numerous businesses have now shifted from being product-centric to being customer-centric. Companies have realized that providing exactly what consumers want and need is a powerful weapon in securing competitive advantage. This mindset places high importance on outstanding customer service, which is crucial in keeping and increasing happy, loyal clients.

The Customer Service Program of Benchmark aims to help both customer-facing employees and back-end support staff internalize a strong service-oriented culture. It teaches winning formulas on establishing quality client relationships that generate profits and positively impact day-to-day working conditions. This operates on the premise that it is always easier, better and more profitable to retain satisfied clients than win back irate ones. The program also includes a module on how to handle customer complaints and building business and rapport through the telephone. Ultimately, the workshop intends to help participants rediscover the joys and rewards of providing great customer service.

After the workshop, Benchmark provides 5- to 10-hour one-on-one coaching support to select participants and conducts follow-through sessions and other reinforcement activities to ensure application of learning on the job.

Benchmark Consulting is the premier authority in coaching, training and leadership development.

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