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ACTP is one of the few courses in the world conducted by an ICF-Master Certified Coach that awards 60 hours of coach specific training for the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential application.

Coaching is recognized across the globe as a compelling tool in unlocking people’s inner power and inciting extraordinary performance. 

A Coaching Culture is “built on organizational and leadership beliefs and practices that reflect coaching as a critical leadership tool and a strategic business driver.”


Effective leaders breed high performing individuals and teams so it is imperative to continuously hone their skills in leadership and management.

At the heart of every company are the teams that comprise it. While there are different teams with functions unique to each of them…

The success of any company largely depends on the ability of its leaders to recognize, enhance, leverage and synergize individual and team strengths.


Possibilities and achievements are limitless when an organization is backed up by teams of skilled and talented people passionately working as one.


Human Evocative Approach to Training (H. E. A. T.) is a transformational workshop ideal for trainers and educators.

In the Advanced Trainer’s Training program of Benchmark, trainers are armed with advanced know-how and skills designing..


Walking without clear vision is like groping in the dark. When employees are not aware or do not fully understand..

When you fail to plan, you fail to plan. Crucial in the company’s mission and vision is charting your course and determining…


Your vision, mission and core values define and differentiate your organization. So does your people.

Emotional intelligence or EQ has been a popular catchphrase in the field of human resource development as it has been proven…

The workplace could be very stressful and the pressures can take a toll on their well-being and personal effectiveness.

Multiculturalism in the workplace is an effect of globalization and easier human mobility. Now you find people of different races…

Numerous businesses have now shifted from being product-centric to customer-centric: realizing that providing exactly…

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