Emotional intelligence or EQ has been a popular catchphrase in the filled of human resource development as it has been proven to be valuable in workplace and contributory to organizational success. EQ principles are useful in assessing and understanding people’s attitudes, behaviors as well as interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. Developing the EQ of an individual can spark personal and professional breakthroughs as it empowers one with the ability to intelligently manage and leverage on his or her emotions including others’.

Benchmark’s Emotional Intelligence workshop takes participants to a fun and meaningful exploration of the self, leading them to a better understanding of their emotions, intentions, responses, behaviors, goals and how they relate with others. Through evocative and insightful exercises, they will discover valuable EQ concepts such as self awareness, self regulation, self motivation, social awareness, and social skills. These are great learning that will help them maximize their potentials, create enriching relationships, and reap success.

To reinforce the participants’ learning, Benchmark provides 5-10 hour one-on-one coaching support to select participants, conducts follow-through sessions, and other sustaining activities.

Benchmark Consulting is the premier authority in coaching, training and leadership development.

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