Coaching for Success

Teaching Leaders How to Coach Based on Global Standards

“The coaching course offers practical tips through its hands-on approach. I learnt to withhold my judgment, stop offering tips, and giving my personal advice, and instead listen to the coachee. It’s all about the coachee! Overall, I find the course to be beneficial and useful in my work.”
– CHIN-LEOW BEE KUAN, Executive Director, Hwa Chong Institution (Singapore)

“Coaching for Success was a delight! More than I expected as far as the things I learned and how I learned them. It’s a powerful workshop that leaves one with the challenge to change. It has value added and definitely a significant human experience!”
– ROSEANNE D. LASA, Vice President, Head of Training, Pru Life UK (Philippines)

“As an OM, we seldom have enhancement training – most of what we know came from experience and self-research. We appreciate LEAP as this further enhances our skills and further validates what we have learned and experienced through the years – it further guides and directs us. After this training, I now know and understand how to approach my people on certain situations. I would love to attend more of these training as it further boosts my confidence in my corporate function. Kudos to L&D for coming up with this program!”
– ERWIN FLORES, Operations Manager, RAC

“This Coaching for Success session is an interesting take on us as a mentor and coach. It presented a lot of WOW moments for me and I truly gained so much learning from it. I thank HR L&D for giving me this opportunity to be part of its pioneer batch and I commend them for conducting new learning sessions that further equip us leaders in the conduct of our daily work functions. This surely enriched my knowledge and helped me advance towards better life/work situations.”

“My journey in Robinsons Retail was definitely a whirlwind where I was clueless as to what type of Leader I would become given my short experience in the company. With the Coaching for Success program, I was enlightened to witness the power of coaching in the work and personal space and how I can apply this method to bring self-awareness to both my team and the people around me.”
– DANIELLE YAP, Brand Manager, RSSI

“LEAP provides another level of learning experience. It equips us with skills necessary for an executive and manager to improve his competency and performance. It focuses more in transformational rather than transactional part of the job.”
– MARCY CHUA, HR Manager, DIY Group

“Coaching for Success has opened a lot of realization for me. It’s very practical and direct to the point with the depth of a personal transformation for both the Coach and the Coachee.”
– RAFAEL RODRIGUEZ, Supervisor, OpenText Philippines Inc.

“Thank you very much, Benchmark Consulting. The Coaching for Success program helped me verbalize the care I have for the team. It provided me tools I can use to face difficult conversations or any coaching moment more comfortably, since after all, it is the sincere desire to help the member that drives the conversation. The program gave me the structure and foundation I need for Coaching, which I only learned by experience and through observing predecessors or other leaders in the office. Thank you again!”
– VALERIE CHRISTINE R. ESTIL, OpenText Philippines Inc.

“I have a deeper appreciation for the value of listening with the intent to understand than listening with the intent to reply. I now have the patience to pay attention to people than be paid attention to. This perspective is a game-changer!”
– JOSEL GASTON, Director of Leader Training & Development, AXA Philippines

“This course was life changing. I really hope I can attend regular sessions of this group so that I can surely learn the art and skill of coaching.”

“My team was able to do their task on their own because through my coaching, they were able to bring out their skills and talents.”
– CHRISTIAN SY MERCADER, Sales Operations Associate Manager, Avida Land Corp.

“The coaching program provides techniques and guide in coaching our people the right way instead of mentoring them all the time.”
– MARC BRODETTE GONZALES, Quality Monitoring Associate Manager, Avida Land Corp.

“Thank you for a great workshop. All the content was really valuable and gave me a new perspective in Coaching. Looking forward to the results of my initial run.”
– ELANOR T. SALTERIO, Customer Care Manager, Avida Land Corp.

“Learn the science of coaching. A better way of developing your team make meaningful results.”

“The entire program was truly an AHA! moment for me. Grateful that I was able to spare 2 days for this. Although the journey is still long for me to be considered as an effective coach, still it was great to start it with people who are experts in this field, who do not only understand by definition but also practice every principle with passion and conviction. This surely has enlightened me as a leader and how its philosophies if applied consistently can make a big difference.”
– MA.ELAINE LIM SION, Visual Merchandising Manger, Robinsons Builders

“The training was a big eye opener for me as I have long thought that coaching and mentoring are one and the same. Only to find out that they are 2 different approaches in personnel enhancement. Coaching has greatly helped my team in further enhancing my teams critical thinking and approach especially towards business analysis. I myself learn a lot from my team as new ideas often pop up during coaching.”
– ERWIN FLORES, Operations Manager, Robinsons Appliances

“As a leader, I now understand factors affecting performance of an individual and behavior and what approach to take into consideration in order to build trust and confidence of both parties and to learn from it.”
– ROWENA DANCEL, Operations Manager, Robinsons Appliances

“The coaching process I’ve learned helped me earn more confidence in leading the team professionally. Touching their personal lives is a plus.”
– Agnes Masangkay, Operations Manager, RCSI

“I now have a better understanding that an individual’s capabilities, inner talents and productive ideas can be uncovered more effectively by coaching instead of just mentoring. Before, sales leaders just impose their styles and techniques to their sales team without any guaranty that these would be equally effective. I want to learn more about coaching.”
– BOBBY BORROMEO, Financial/Investment Advisor, Sun Life of Canada

“The program did not just add to my knowledge and spur me to action. It gave me the unusual opportunity to take a long look at myself and discover new things.”
– MIGNON RAMOS, Managing Director and Principal Consultant, Roadmaps + Beyond, Inc.

“I’ve attended various coaching workshops in the last decade and a half. But nothing comes close to this.”
– PAUL ADAPON, Director, Knowledge Management and Business Development, P&A Grant Thornton

“The coaching program gave me insights which I found very useful in my capacity as one of the leaders of our organization. Sharing the insights and learnings I gained with my colleagues in the office will definitely help us improve the way we lead and develop our people.”
– LOVELY DEL AMEN-AQUINO, Junior Partner, Villaruz, Villaruz and Co., CPAs

“I am currently applying the things I gained from the coaching training, and it really helped me become more intentional to my associates. In return, I feel that they are opening up to me more, they are more proactive, and they are accountable to their activities or work.”
– LYNDY MARIE C. ROSAS, Production Head, Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines Misamis Oriental Plant

“As I practiced coaching session to my subordinate, I was able to communicate clearly and let him understand what I want him a technician to be. I record the coaching session so I can evaluate on where I missed.”
– REX G. ENRIQUEZ, Production Head, Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines Misamis Oriental Plant

“Coaching for Success taught me how to do proper coaching and made it clear to me the difference between coaching and mentoring. It also helped me in improving my leadership skills.”
– ADRIAN CEASAR M. BORJA, Production Head, Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines Misamis Oriental Plant

“The program serves as a venue for us to grow our knowledge and application of coaching theories.”
– MARY CLAIRE B. MERCADO, Quality Control Head, Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines Misamis Oriental Plant