Team Coaching

Teaching leaders on how to coach teams

Team Coaching is specifically designed for all leaders – managers, supervisors, team leaders – or anyone who handles a team. In this 2-day workshop, leaders are equipped with state-of-the-art coaching skills, tools, and techniques that accelerate the development of a team towards synergy and peak performance.


  • Why team collaboration is most critical in driving business results
  • What is a team?
  • Team vs Group
  • Different types of teams
  • Understanding the nuances and the most common problems in a team
  • The challenges of a leader in handling a team
  • The usual stages a team passes through before reaching synergy
  • The roles of a leader in building and growing teams
  • Defining Team Coaching as powerful intervention to accelerate the growth of the team that impacts performance
  • Assessing the dynamics of a team
  • The Team Coaching discussion process


  • Coaching a team to arrive at a “shared goal” aligned with the organization’s vision
  • Coaching the team in leveraging the team members’ similarities and differences
  • Ensuring openness, honesty, and trust within the team
  • How to break “artificial harmony” within the team
  • Resolving destructive conflicts that impede performance and break relationships
  • Coaching tools and techniques in addressing different types of team challenges
  • How to challenge a team to “raise the bar”
  • How to implement Team Coaching in the workplace


  • Interactive discussions
  • Case study
  • Simulations of actual “team coaching” cases

Brought to you by Benchmark Consulting, the premier coaching company.
When: July 26-27, 2018
Where: Manila Marriott Hotel

P18,000.00 plus 12% VAT

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