Team Coaching (Advanced Coaching Course)

At the heart of every company are the teams that comprise it. While there are different teams with functions unique to each of them, they must all work well together to achieve organizational goals. To inspire teamwork and peak performance, you need genuine trust, openness, seamless communication and agile collaboration, plus a passionate leader who will ensure that all these important elements are cultivated as tasks are carried out.

Developing a team is indeed crucial and team coaching is an effective tool leaders can use to make that happen. Apt for department heads and team captains, Benchmark’s Team Coaching program is a 2-3 day workshop that imparts powerful coaching skills necessary to build and develop solid, winning teams. The program is aligned with the directions of the International Coach Federation, the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high professional standards, providing independent certification, and building a network of credentialed coaches.

During the Team Coaching program participants are equipped with skills in facing challenging office scenarios such managing diversity and handling conflict. It also covers modules on promoting creativity, agility and maturity among team members. After the workshop, participants will go back to the workplace with profound insights and easy to apply techniques that can yield concrete results.

They will know better how to make individuals and teams work together and accomplish tasks with excitement and satisfaction. To support them, Benchmark provides 5-10 hour one-on-one coaching support to select participants, conducts follow-through sessions and other reinforcement activities.

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