Stress and Time Management Workshop

Are your employees able to face up to the challenges of their work and consistently meet their deadlines? The workplace could be very stressful and the pressures can take a toll on their well being and personal effectiveness.

Supercharge your employees with the ability to self-manage, beat stress and take control of their time. These skills are critical in ensuring they are able to rise above the demands of their job, including the other aspects of their life.

Let Benchmark help you do this through its Stress and Time Management workshop. The program teaches practical, results-oriented techniques in handling pressure, maximizing time, and efficiently integrating work, family and personal life. Participants will discover winning attitudes and perspectives to rev up their work productivity and overall performance. Ultimately, the program aims to help participants get the most out of life.

After the workshop, Benchmark provides 5-10 hour one-on-one coaching support to select participants, conducts follow-through sessions, and other reinforcement activities to ensure application of learning on the job.

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