Accelerated Coach Training Program

Be A Globally Recognized Professional Coach! Obtain an ICF Credential!

“Benchmark’s ACTP has helped me transition my own career to where I am today. I did not know a lot about coaching when I enrolled, but I must say I did after the completion of a very comprehensive, challenging and insightful course. Especially, Julius Ordonez knowledge and presence was powerful as was the many times I had to step completely out of my comfort zone! Today, I help expats transition their career to the Philippines. I could not do this without the skills I have learned through the course. I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to become a coach or to anyone who would are seeking personal development and empowerment.”
– Christina Melchior, Career Coach – ACC, Expatriate Spouse Career Advisor, Asian Development Bank

“I have attended many coaching programmes, and none is comparable to Benchmark’s ACTP (Accelerated Coach Training Program). The 3-stage training leading to ICF accreditation can equip any willing heart to embark well on their professional coaching journey. There are many great coaches, and Julius is one of them.”
– Rosy Pang, OD Head of a Multinational Company, Hong Kong

“Benchmark Consulting’s ACTP offered the tools and competencies that focus on the specific processes to achieve all the goals that my coachees and I aspire to attain. The mentorship program throughout the intensive course allowed me to truly hone into effective approaches and methods leading towards measureable and awe-inspiring results. I highly recommend this invaluable course for anyone who seeks professional and personal development for themselves, their company, and their circle of support.”
– Branden B. Dean, Executive Director, Alliance Supports, Inc., Nevada, USA

“ACTP has opened my eyes to the real world of Coaching. I had so many misconceptions about coaching before I took the course – that coaching is guiding and mentoring the coachee on what to do, based on the Coach’s expertise of subject at hand and suggesting solutions to issues/problems. I had to unlearn all these after ACTP taught me that Coaching is not content-directive, and it requires an entirely different set of skills and process. Julius is a very effective coach, trainer, and mentor as he practices what he preaches. He is sincere and patient in his approach.”
– Alma Horn, Independent HR Consultant; Former Country HR Director at Citibank NA, Philippines

“The experience I had with Benchmark Consulting was among the top three best investments in my life! Yes, it is a tall claim, but I mean it! Expect: (1) Uncompromised Authenticity which helps remove the dross within us, enabling the true you to eventually emerge; (2) Powerful Personal learning; (3) Well Poised Impetus for you to continue your transformational journey. Go to Benchmark only if you are serious with your quest for your own breakthrough!”
– Jonathan Mark, ACC, Former Head of Learning & OD – Human Resource for South East Asia, Manulife Financial, Singapore

“The positive value I’ve gained from Benchmark’s Coach Training Program has helped me to identify and close gaps in my coaching knowledge, skills, and confidence. This has been vital for accelerating my coaching career towards ICF accreditation and the success of my future coaching business. As a trainer of Coaching, I have high expectations, and Julius Ordonez and Benchmark exceeded them with a professional, fun, and informative delivery of the training. I had a great time whilst learning.”
– Alex Lanjri, NLP Coach, United Kingdom

“The Accelerated Coach Training Program was a very valuable experience; it far exceeded my expectations! Julius conducted the program with the utmost commitment to excellence. It is truly an asset to my professional development, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in coaching as a profession.”
– Sharon Lim, ACC – Former Director for Asia, Celestica-Asia

“I strongly recommend ACTP as it has provided me with a strong foundation of practical skills to be an effective professional coach. The best parts of the programme are the hands-on practice sessions in class as well as the 3-month practicum. The former provides participants with the confidence to carry out the practicum, while the latter, involving the coaching of actual clients, provides ample opportunity for participants to apply both knowledge and skills learnt, under the watchful guidance of Julius Ordonez, the mentor coach and trainer.”
– Eunice Chan, Professional Life Coach, Singapore

“Sometimes coaching seems easy, but in fact, it is not. Under the focused, patient, & professional guidance of Benchmark, coaching gets to be less difficult, and in due time, it gets to be fun. Moreover, it leads towards becoming ICF accredited. It is great to be a Benchmark coach! I am glad I chose Benchmark!”
– Mario R. Gatus, President, DBM Philippines

“The ACTP is a very intensive training for coaches. It is completely hands-on learning and application of the Coaching Framework and coaching skills through “real plays,” facilitated discussions, and on-the-job practicum. What I gained of particular value are the ICF Core Coaching Competencies and how they are masterfully used to help coachees for self-directed discovery and learning. This creatively designed program equipped me not only with skills but also the confidence to get started on professional coaching.”
– Bella Lo, Retired Vice President, OCBC Bank, Singapore

“ACTP helped me to redefine not only my own practice of coaching, but even of our organization as a whole. It helped me to realize how to really create lasting change in the lives of the people we work with.”
– Maria Ellen L. Medina, Manager, Zuellig Family Foundation

“ACTP has equipped me on how to help myself and others fulfill our potential. This program has great contribution in making our world more conducive for human development.”
– Maria Luz C. Lopez-Ayusa, Manager, Zuellig Family Foundation

“The ACTP of Benchmark Consulting was the best possible way to jumpstart my education and foray into the field of Professional Coaching. It was truly a life changing program, and I am so happy I decided to commit to it! Thank you, Coach Julius, for the masterful guidance and support!”
– Mia Zamora, VP Talent Optimization, Aboitiz

“An excellent coach training program run by extremely experienced and competent coaches.”
– Natasha Muniz

“ACTP taught me how to talk to other people and create in me the desire to help empower other people in making their own choices. ACTP also taught me to see the good in me, that while helping other people, I myself was being transformed.”
– Jan Laurice Ong, Primary School Head, Hope Christian High School

“There is no doubt that after going through the Accelerated Coach Training Program that we emerged as better individuals in the course of becoming better coaches! The dedication, passion, integrity of our mentor coaches surely etched in us the “coaching identity”.”
– Francis Audie S. Carlos, Director, Industrial Training and Work Mentoring, Dualtech Training Center Foundation, Inc.