The Benchmark Consulting Company

Proven coaching, training, and consulting solutions.
Who We Are

Benchmark Consulting has worked with more than 500,000 senior executives, managers, supervisors, and teams from the US, Europe, and Asia and all of them attest to have generated better bottom line results with the help of our integrated training, coaching and consulting solutions.

Benchmark Consulting partners with your company to identify and overcome obstacles that keep your mission-critical executives, teams, and employees from consistently performing at their very best. Based on your needs, Benchmark Consulting develops and executes custom-designed individual and team effectiveness training programs, leadership and coaching programs and other organizational development interventions intended to bring out the best in your organization.

Why engage Benchmark Consulting? Benchmark Consulting’s experience as global business leaders, executive coaches, and training and development consultants qualifies Benchmark Consulting to best design investments in your employees that will pay off in increased revenues and market share and reduced costs.

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Our Purpose

We are a team of learning advocates who share an uncommon optimism about humanity. Our work is powered by the principle that man is fundamentally good, naturally intelligent and unique.

We exist to bring out the BEST in individuals and organizations.

Our Vision

We envision to be a leading catalyst of individual and organizational transformation that helps our clients excel.

Our Core Values

There are seven values we hold dear. They form the fabric of our company. We strive to live them, both in our professional practice and personal lives.

  1. Creativity. Curiosity and a sense of wonder animate us. We thrive on exploration. Creativity to us is the source of personal and business breakthroughs.
  2. Fulfillment. This is the ultimate reward we get from what we do—the feeling that we are living our highest aspiration. Fulfillment means turning our vision into reality.
  3. Interactive Learning. We believe that, like children, we learn best when we enjoy the experience.
  4. Quality. We judge ourselves by how well we deliver. It is critical to that sense of fulfillment we desire. Striving for quality leads to excellence and pride in our work.
  5. Continuous Improvement. To stop growing is to be counted out. We uphold the Olympics creed – higher, faster… you know how it goes. Continuous improvement keeps us a cutting edge company.
  6. Balanced Life. We strive to make time for the other, equally important aspects of our life. Like love and the flowers. Living a balanced life keeps us energized and motivated.
  7. Diversity. And we embrace the uniqueness of our clients as it inspires innovation.