The Benchmark Formula

pic100When we partner with your company, we employ a 3-phase learning partnership journey which usually includes assessment interviews, actual training or coaching program delivery and post-program sustaining activities.

At Benchmark, whether we do one-on-one coaching or classroom training, serious learning is fun learning! Our activities, exercises and games will challenge not only your skills but also your mindsets. You will take home the learning points. And yes, the laughter too.

In training, we use the Team Facilitation Approach, which means you will have the benefit of two or more facilitators on board at any given time. This encourages a lot more interaction in class and enables us to conduct complementing activities simultaneously.

We also go for “Edutaining,” a concept that combines education with entertainment to achieve a more interactive and holistic training style, making it easier for participants to absorb and translate learning into concrete results in the workplace.

Most importantly, we go for sustainability. We evaluate with you the results of our work and give you recommendations on how you can sustain them. These may include coaching for further support, follow-through sessions, reinforcement training activities and other non-training interventions.